Welcome to The Digital Environment! The Internet has changed our world dramatically, and not always for the better. Here you can learn about environmental issues related to computers and the Internet and what you can do to minimize your environmental impact.


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As an environmental activist, Trey believes that technology has the potential to improve our world, but only if it is used and created responsibly. He encourages people to become aware of their actions and to make simple changes in their lives that will have a big impact on the environment.

A recent graduate of the Academy (class of '07), Trey runs the Message Center in Cyberspace. He loves communicating via email because it is quick, easy, and reduces paper waste.

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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.
- John Muir

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Vegetable Curry


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June 25 2009

The Academy Gardens

The cadets did a great job plotting out and planting the garden. This year, we're a little late getting things in the ground. Now that we have a plan, next year's garden will be right on time.

She's been keeping it a secret, but Dana's been planning this garden for a few months now. She and I did a lot of research about where and how everything should be planted, and we asked Commander Omni for permission to start the compost bin back in March.

I'm really pleased to see all of Dana's planning and hard work paying off. She hasn't been nearly as unhappy since she started working outside, and I can see she's happy that the other cadets are also excited about the garden.

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June 3 2009

Farmer Dana

Dana's got another green scheme for the Academy. She wants to plant an organic garden and orchard, so that the Academy can grow its own produce. Not only will it provide food, but it will also benefit the planet by reducing the Academy's overall carbon emissions. It will also encourage the cadets to get outside in the fresh air more often and give them something to work on as a team and enjoy the results together.

To prepare for planting, we've ordered all the seeds and plants off the Internet. There's a lot more variety online than in the local nurseries, and we even found some rare, heirloom plants that will add to the diversity of our garden. Shopping online is actually better for the environment, too, because the overall carbon emissions from transporting goods is much less than if they were shipped to a store first and you went and picked them up.

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May 12 2009

Worried about Dana

I'm a little worried about Dana. I bumped into her outside of Commander Omni's office and heard the whole story. The poor girl was in tears and looked totally miserable.

I suggested she spend some time offline until she gets everything sorted, and maybe even get a few cadets to go for a bike ride and enjoy the outdoors. That always helps me clear my head and figure out a plan.

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April 20 2008

Technotrash Aftermath

Our technotrash fundraiser last Saturday was a resounding success! We collected over 100 pounds of technotrash including old computers, broken printers and monitors, empty ink and toner cartridges, and even CDs and DVDs.

Some particularly memorable pieces include Dr. Keen's giant old CRT monitor, which blew out its picture tube 5 years ago and she's been using it as a coffee table, and Commander Omni's old dot matrix printer that's been doubling as a planter! To give them credit, even if they didn't dispose of the technotrash properly, at least they were reusing it.

We also managed to make enough money for our Earth Day party. Dana is especially pleased that she can get reusable bamboo picnicware for the Academy so we won't ever need to use paper plates or plastic forks again. Nothing makes me cringe more than a trash can full of party waste, and it would also be totally missing the whole point of having a green party!

I'm also happy that the community really got into this event. So many people showed up with their technotrash that we ended up having an impromptu party right there on the patio! Dana and I are already planning the next technotrash fundraiser in the Fall, but with the addition of a BBQ and volleyball tournament afterwards.

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March 23 2008

Earth Day

Dana and I have spent a lot of time talking about how to get people to change the way they think and act toward the environment. It seems like the hardest part of transitioning is not getting the technology up to speed but getting people to care enough to want to change.

She and I have both come to the conclusion that sometimes people just need a little incentive, a little carrot to go for. That's why we decided to have a technotrash fundraiser. From our perspective, we're getting the community involved in recycling, spreading awareness about technotrash, and properly disposing of people's technotrash. From their perspective, they are cleaning out their attics and making a little money on the side, so we can have a party. Everybody wins. Hopefully, everyone feels good about taking better care of the environment and wants to do so more in the future.

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August 26 2008

Welcome to The Digital Environment!

Hello cadets, and welcome to my new blog, The Digital Environment! These days it seems like everyone is talking about the environment, so I wanted to have a place to talk about the environmental impact of computers and the Internet.

Are you aware of how computers and technology affect the environment? For example, computers have a lot of toxic and hazardous materials in them, they use a lot of electricity and generate a lot of heat, and they can be difficult to safely dispose of. However, they also make it possible for people all over the world to communicate and share information without having to travel or waste paper.

This blog will cover both the environmental problems and benefits of computers. I'll be sharing tips for how to minimize your environmental impact as well as talk about the latest issues.

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