Bonus Badges:.

In addition to the badges earned for completing missions, there are also bonus badges to discover.

Collect them all!

Diagnostics Tour
Diagnostics Badge

Detention Tour
Detention Center Badge

Game Inspector
Game Inspector Badge

The training missions at the Academy teach cadets about cybersecurity topics, such as email threats and website safety. Cadets earn a unique Gold Badge for completing a training mission.

After entering the game, the cadets can locate the training missions at various buildings in Cyberspace. Once a cadet has their Cyberspace Pass from Commander Omni, they are free to complete the missions in any order.

Currently four missions are available to registered cadets:

Email Mission, Level 1: Spam

Cadets must recognize and filter out the spam from the good email.

Earn the Email Level 1 Gold Badge:
Email Level 1 Badge

Download the Hint Sheet for tips for identifying spam emails:
Hint Sheet #01

Communications Mission, Level 1: Personal Information

Cadets must keep the chatroom safe from weirdo strangers asking for personal information.

Earn the Communications Level 1 Gold Badge:
Communications Badge Level 1

Download the Hint Sheet for examples of personal information:
Hint Sheets

Website Mission, Level 1: Website Dangers

Cadets must help identify Website Dangers by collecting sample specimens.

Earn the Websites Level 1 Gold Badge:
Websites Badge Level 1

Download the Hint Sheet for tips for recognizing website dangers:
Hint Sheets

Communications Mission, Level 2: Cyber Bullying

Cadets must come up with an effective strategy to deal with the robot cyber bully.

Earn the Communications Level 2 Gold Badge:
Communications Badge Level 2

Download the Hint Sheets for tips for dealing with & reporting cyber bullying:
Hint Sheets Hint Sheets