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My name is Alexi and I can speak three languages: French, Spanish and Chinese!  I also love music and when I'm bored I try to learn a new instrument. I play guitar, piano, tin whistle and didgeridoo already, I'm thinking of trying the ukulele next!

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He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever
- Chinese Proverb

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Music, chatting, puzzles


April 23 2009

Reverse Culture Shock

I've been talking with Yoko about American culture. I didn't grow up here, and I remember how different it all seemed to me when I first moved here with my parents. Looking at it through Yoko's eyes, I am reminded how strange some of our customs are.

Even with something as simple as lunch, it's amazing how a different cultural philosophy can lead to a whole different approach to life. Or desserts! The mochi we made was so yummy, but I couldn't help thinking how strange that a dessert didn't have cream or butter or chocolate in it!

I wonder what else is dramatically different among cultures? What about how people use the Internet or what people consider to be a cyber crime?

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April 6 2009

The "Attack"

I have never felt more focused than during the "attack." Since the episode last year with Ms. Information, I've felt a little lost, like I can't trust anyone or any information. It was like everything had been muddy and confusing, but during the attack suddenly everything became crystal clear.

It fortunately happened during one of the few times this week I was at the Academy and not in Cyberspace, so I was there with most of the other cadets. The younger students were freaking out and even Dana was in a panic. It was so clear to me that I needed to keep everyone together and keep them calm. I kept thinking about my alarm clock, just thinking, "Okay, 15 minutes and we'll move on to the next thing, just 15 minutes..."

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