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My name is Alexi and I can speak three languages: French, Spanish and Chinese!  I also love music and when I'm bored I try to learn a new instrument. I play guitar, piano, tin whistle and didgeridoo already, I'm thinking of trying the ukulele next!

Favorite Quote:

He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever
- Chinese Proverb

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Music, chatting, puzzles


January 25 2008


I was talking to Commander Omni about what is happening with my mother. She asked to see the chat logs of our conversations. The next day she pulled me aside and told me that I had been tricked. I told her that I verified my mother's identity through personal questions. She explained that all of the answers could be found just by doing a search on me and my mother's names. I was amazed at how much of our personal information was out there.

I was pretty embarrassed. I thought she was going to yell at me for breaking the rules. But Omni just smiled and told me that everyone makes mistakes. Even Omni got duped in the last Cyber Villain attack.

posted by Alexi

January 21 2008


A week has gone by, and I still haven't heard from her. I'm getting really worried. Is she dead? Did I kill her? I wish she'd leave me something so I'd know that she was alright.

posted by Alexi

January 14 2008


I went to the chat room to talk to my mom, but she never logged in. Did something happen to her? Did she get caught? Maybe I shouldn't have posted about meeting her in the first place.

posted by Alexi