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My name is Alexi and I can speak three languages: French, Spanish and Chinese!  I also love music and when I'm bored I try to learn a new instrument. I play guitar, piano, tin whistle and didgeridoo already, I'm thinking of trying the ukulele next!

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He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever
- Chinese Proverb

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Music, chatting, puzzles


May 29 2009


I am getting SO excited for summer vacation! I'm trying to convince Yoko to stay here over the summer so we can have as much fun as possible before she has to go back to Japan. It's been so great having her here this year.

The summer is the perfect time to experience American culture because we don't have to worry about studying or training! I'm thinking pool parties, BBQs, softball games, beach trips, camping...
I can't wait!

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May 20 2009

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

As much trouble as I've had at the Databank this semester, I'm a little sad that my assistant position is coming to an end. I feel like I've finally figured out a way to stay on task that really works, thanks to Erika's alarm clock idea. I've made tons of progress in the last few weeks because of it. Maya even had to assign me more tasks because I finished up early last week!

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May 11 2009

Poor Dana

OMG Dana! How awful! You poor thing!

I was watching for emails about a bank account, but I never expected it to be an email about our Academy Credits. Since I'd been saving credits all semester to buy a new pet, I almost fell for the phishing scheme too! But then something seemed.well, kind of fishy.and I left it alone.

I really hope there's no permanent damage to Dana's identity. Those mean old cyber villains! Dana, you can have some of my credits, I don't really need a new pet after all.

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