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Gold Badges

September 28, 2007 - Several students have come to my office to ask about the gold badges I hand out when students complete the various stages in their training missions. These gold badges are a reward for a job well done and a means to track your progress through our training regiment.

It also enables fellow students to know who has completed what mission so they can turn to them for advice. If you find yourself in the position of being asked for help, be sure to spread what you have learned.

Going Red, Omega-Red!

September 20, 2007 - After the recent intrusions into our campus we have decided to upgrade the security measures that protect the school. To that end, I have given Officer Ward permission to install Omega-Red.

Omega-Red is a security program designed to strengthen our defenses and deter the intrusion we have been experiencing in the last few weeks. Omega-Red will combine seamlessly into our existing security measure providing no change to student life. Thank you.

Security Alert

September 18, 2007 - A security breach has been detected on the school grounds today. Officer Ward detected the intrusion at 9:05 am today when he did his routine sweep of the school.

He told me he's seen aberrations in the firewall for weeks now and has been working to prevent the crime from escalating. So far the intruder has done nothing but explore the school grounds. If you see anything suspicious, report it.

Welcome Back

September 4, 2007 - Welcome back! The new school year is starting with a bang. We invite the new students to share in orientation with Dana & Erika. And everyone should take part in the challenging Scavenger Hunt set up by Alexi.

I regret to inform everyone that the DigiBoard system is down for the time being. Carlo, Alan and Dr. Keen are working hard to bring the system back up and to finish linking it to this Web site.