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My name is Alan and I'm a gamer. I can beat almost any game in no time, and I'll pwn anyone in a head-to-head challenge, just ask Carlo! I also have mad programming skillz and a pet alien named Zwert.

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Video games, sci-fi, coding


January 28 2009

Yoko's Blog

Alexi and I are helping her friend Yoko set up her new blog this semester. She completed Safe Blogging Training with us last semester, but this will be her first blog, so I want to make sure it's easy to use.

While I was helping her set up her template, we talked about video games. Yoko says that many Japanese people play video games and that even adults go to arcades. I think it’d be weird to see a bunch of adults at an arcade, but apparently the ones in Japan have some different games than the ones here. Yoko also loaned me some of her video games, but unfortunately they're all in Japanese so I can't understand them.

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January 21 2009

Officer Ward's Assistant

Well, apparently my application to be Officer Ward's assistant this semester was accepted. I was a little surprised. Ever since last year's kidnapping incident, I've been a little worried that the faculty was upset with me. I guess I was wrong!

Commander Omni told me herself that they're hoping I can lend my insight to Officer Ward's new project. I'll be helping revamp the cyber criminal tracking and monitoring systems. After what I witnessed last year, I can't wait to get started helping bring down cyber criminals.

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January 16 2009

A New Year

Everyone passed the Safe Blogging Training last semester, so now we're allowed to post to our blogs again. One thing that struck me during training is that in the past I've mostly used this space for venting. While this is an acceptable use for a blog, it's not very useful and can get kind of boring. Starting this semester I'm going to make a conscious effort to focus my blog better. As Betty always says, it is my permanent record so I'd better be in control of it.

Over the break I went skiing with Dana and her family, and then she came to visit for New Year's, and we watched the big downtown fireworks display. Dana told me all about how fireworks are made. She gets really excited about the chemistry behind the different colors. She also sent me a link to this really cool site,, that explains fireworks and all the different designs.

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