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New Semester, New Passwords

January 28, 2009 - This is just a friendly reminder from Dr. Keen to change your passwords if you've had the same ones for a while.

Passwords become less secure the longer you use them, so why not make a New Year’s Resolution to change your passwords every month? Be sure to follow the guidelines for creating strong and secure passwords when you do.

Bloggy Buddies Meeting

January 19, 2009 - This semester we are test driving Dana's Bloggy Buddies idea brought up during Safe Blogging Training.

Dana will be holding a Bloggy Buddies meeting in my office this Friday after classes. Any Cadet who has a blog or is interested in setting one up this semester needs to attend this meeting as we will be picking bloggy buddies and deciding on the rules and guidelines.

Welcome Back

January 12, 2009 - Welcome back to another semester at the Carnegie Cyber Academy! I hope everyone had a lovely break and is rested and ready to learn.

This semester both Officer Ward and Maya are looking for assistants. Applications are available in my office. The submission deadline is Friday the 16th. Any Cadet interested in a little extra credit can apply, but please try not to over-commit yourselves. The positions are about 10 extra hours of work per week and your application won’t be accepted if we think it will interfere with your training.