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My name is Alan and I'm a gamer. I can beat almost any game in no time, and I'll pwn anyone in a head-to-head challenge, just ask Carlo! I also have mad programming skillz and a pet alien named Zwert.

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Video games, sci-fi, coding


April 23 2008

Why Defeat Nils?

Why should we struggle so hard to beat Ex-Commander Nils? Because Nils doesn't understand what sacrificing for another person means. The Internet is a communal resource. Nils would treat that resource as his own personal playground. He doesn't understand the helpless. He would turn the Internet into a cesspool of survival of the fittest. That isn't freedom. That isn't justice. We have to defeat Nils because no one else can.

posted by Alan

April 18 2008

There is No I in Team

There is a crucial difference between the Cyber Defenders and the Cyber Villains. The Cyber Defenders truly act as a team, while the Cyber Villains are individuals that happen to be sharing an individual goal.

When I was with Ex-Commander Nils, I learned an important lesson about myself. I'd rather be part of a team. I missed everyone on my team. And I would not be here today, sharing what I know, if it wasn't for the support of my team, who stuck through everything to find me. They are the ones who should be praised, not me.

posted by Alan

April 8 2008

Endless Meetings

I've been attending endless meetings ever since I got back. Between Carlo, Commander Omni, Maya and the rest of the faculty it hardly feels like I've been given enough time to sleep much less attend class, too. I've never been so tired. But it's amazing. Everyone is asking me for my opinions and listening to what I have to say. I've never been held in such respect before.

posted by Alan

April 2 2008

Glad to be Back

It's so great to finally be back. I've been going around thanking everyone personally for their part in my rescue. I even found a friend in Sparky, the script kiddie who is spending time in detention.

I couldn't wait to see Dana. When I was being detained by Nils and his Cyber Villains, I realized how much I miss her. If only I wasn't so busy preparing for the final attack on the school.

posted by Alan