About Me:

My name is Yoko. I am from Japan, but this year I am an exchange student at the Academy. I like singing karaoke and chatting online with my friends from home.

Favorite Quote:

Man is a genius when he is dreaming.
- Akira Kurosawa

Favorite Food:

Mochi Ice Cream


Ping pong, video games, painting, baking


February 9 2009


I am very excited about the costume ball. It will be my first Valentine’s Day here in the States. I really want to go. I already have a good idea for a costume, but I'm embarrassed to ask someone.

I told Alexi my idea for a costume and she suggested I ask one of the first-year cadets. He'd have to wear a fake beard and round glasses to fit the part, but I think I might ask him.

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February 3 2009


Hello everyone! This is my new blog that the other cadets helped me set up. Thank you, Alexi and Alan! Thank you, Erika, for help with the design! I still need to choose a title for it, but here I am!

This is my second semester at the Academy and I have learned so much. I'm learning a lot about cyber defense, but I think I need to learn a lot more about American people and their customs. I have to constantly ask Alexi to explain things to me, it is so frustrating!

posted by Yoko