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My name is Alan and I'm a gamer. I can beat almost any game in no time, and I'll pwn anyone in a head-to-head challenge, just ask Carlo! I also have mad programming skillz and a pet alien named Zwert.

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Video games, sci-fi, coding


January 30 2008

Freedom of Expression

The more time I spend with the underground community the more I learn about how the Cyber Defense Academy is confining me. They are just so goody two shoes. They want to limit what information is available on the Internet. They assume that some information can only be used for wrongdoing. Don't they understand that information is neutral? It's the people that use it to hurt others that are evil.

posted by Alan

January 25 2008

The DigiBoard Strikes Back

Well, not really, but now that I'm finished with the Email Hugs project I can return to figuring out what went wrong with the web-based DigiBoard.

I met two really smart guys at the underground community I told you about. They really helped me figure out what was going wrong with Hugs. I've given them pieces of the DigiBoard code and asked them to go through it for me. I'm really hoping that they'll give me an answer as to why it blew up on me.

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January 23 2008

Hiding from Dana

Dana's been pretty upset ever since I ducked out of that celebration party she planned for me. I just don't understand girls. I mean I like her. She's smart, funny and beautiful. But she doesn't seem to understand that I like being alone. She's always pressuring me to do stuff with her. It's making me crazy.

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January 14 2008

Master Hacker Set Free

The faculty is really dropping the ball this year. We've had not one, but two major attacks so far, and the school year is only half over! Not only that but the Master Hacker is free again and is sure to stir up even more trouble. I do have to hand it to the guy. Engineering a plan to breakout while imprisoned like that? It's some kind of genius. Too bad he only wants to hurt people.

posted by Alan