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My name is Alan and I'm a gamer. I can beat almost any game in no time, and I'll pwn anyone in a head-to-head challenge, just ask Carlo! I also have mad programming skillz and a pet alien named Zwert.

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Video games, sci-fi, coding


September 25 2007

Hug Scare

We had a hug scare at school today. I had uploaded a test version of Email Hugs to my school computer to see if it would work. Part of the system is a smart bug which is supposed to go out and gather information about my day to determine if I need a hug or not.

Well, what it did was decide that everyone in school needed hugs. Lots of them. Commander Omni thought there was a security breach. Officer Ward even got involved! He had a serious talk with me about what makes a virus and I had to apologize to everyone for the scare.

posted by Alan

September 14 2007


I've brought the school DigiBoard system back online by using a backup of the original program I kept for personal use. Everything from last year is gone, but the board is up on the school grounds.

I need to re-examine the code for the Web version before I can get that working. Something in there just wants to bring the entire system down.

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September 10 2007

DigiBoard Woes

The Digiboard is continuing to resist my attempts at repairing it. I don't know what went wrong with it, but I need to get it fixed soon or else the student body won't be able to organize events for the year. Come on Carlo, what did you do?

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September 4 2007

Classes Begin

Finally to get some challenge in! Summer's fine because it allows me to do my own thing, but the school year is the best.

Dr. Keen always makes a point to find something to challenge me with. Last year it was the first Digiboard system. This year I'm working on an idea she has about using email to send people hugs when they need one. It's a little cheesy but the AI on the timing of the hug should be an interesting problem.

Now if I can just fix that darn Digiboard...

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