About Me:

My name is Dana and Science is my favorite subject. I'm also really big on protecting the environment. After all it's the only one we've got! I have a horse named Bubbles and a fish named Francis.

Favorite Quote:

If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart
- Buddha

Favorite Food:

Bean and cheese burritos


Volunteering, animals, nature, physics, biology, chemistry

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Erika About Me:

My name is Erika and Art is my favorite subject. I like painting, making sculptures and designing web pages like this one! I also love any kind of puzzle: jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word games, trivia, you name it! I have a Parrot named Franklin Delano.

Favorite Quote:

Every artist was at first an amateur
- Ralph W. Emerson

Favorite Food:

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches


Art, games, puzzles, trivia

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May 29 2009

Message from Dana

Dana wants me to let everyone who reads our blog know (Hi, Dana's Mom! Hi, Gillian!) that she's taking a bloggy break for a while. She says don't worry about her. She's fine, and she and Commander Omni are working on the identity theft issue, but so far it looks like her "permanent record" is relatively unscathed.

posted by Erika

May 26 2009

Hello, Bloggy Buddy?

Hey Dana, are you ever going to come back to the blog? Cyberspace misses you...

posted by Erika

May 21 2009


It's almost summer! I'm really excited for this summer because my parents have signed me up for some web design classes. I know it sounds crazy to be excited about summer school, but this is something I'm really interested in. It's going to be so cool!

posted by Erika

May 7 2009

Here Phishy Phishy...

The phishing attack is an email about Academy Credits!?! Oh no, I totally fell for it!

I better tell Commander Omni right away.

posted by Dana