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My name is Yoko. I am from Japan, but this year I am an exchange student at the Academy. I like singing karaoke and chatting online with my friends from home.

Favorite Quote:

Man is a genius when he is dreaming.
- Akira Kurosawa

Favorite Food:

Mochi Ice Cream


Ping pong, video games, painting, baking


May 27 2009


My year at the Academy is coming to an end. I am happy to go back home because I really miss my family and friends, but I'll be very sad to leave my new friends at the Academy, too.

I learned so much this year about cyber defense, but the real lesson in being an exchange student is learning to adapt to a new environment. I suppose you experience the same thing when you first enter cyberspace. It's another sort of culture shock. I'm very glad I had Alexi, Commander Omni, and the other cadets to help guide me.

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May 21 2009

Bloggy Buddy to the Rescue

I almost made a huge mistake! I wrote a post about all the fun places near the Academy the cadets took me to that I was going to miss next year. I thought it would be a nice memory for everyone to share.

As usual, I had my bloggy buddy Alexi read through it before posting it. You should have seen the look on her face! I thought it was fine, since I'm not visiting these places anymore, but the other cadets are and I would have been revealing their personal information!

I'm so glad Dana started the bloggy buddy system. I could have endangered all my friends at the Academy!

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