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Lost in Time

July 1, 2010 - Oh no, cadets! Something terrible has happened and now we’re all stuck in the past! Ok, calm down, Omni, everything will be fine. We’re not entirely lost – I mean, I’m still blogging somehow via Carlo’s smart phone (though I doubt we’re getting 3G coverage anymore). Whooo, let me explain from the beginning. Last night we were all having a quiet dinner when a weird, maniacal laugh exploded through the cafeteria. I looked around to see where the sound was coming from, but saw nothing unusual. Jax thought it was a poltergeist and went running for the door. I wish the rest of us had followed!

The laughter was soon replaced by an eerie voice that said, “Well hello, Cyber Defenders! Sorry for the fright…well, not all that sorry. I’m the Bad Hatter – reality hacker extraordinaire! I was thinking about all the “good” you do and, well, I thought you could use a challenge. It’s too easy to be Cyber Defenders with all this modern technology around you, isn’t it?

“So, out of the badness of my heart, I’ve arranged an all-expense paid trip back in time to the year 1995! Let’s see you fight crime without the use of all your high-tech gadgetry!”

Suddenly, a huge, swirling purple vortex appeared on the floor that sucked us back through time to the first year of the Academy! Back when the entire faculty, aside from Captain Wits, was a bunch of cadets. Back when Ex-Commander Nils was still a good guy! We landed in a pile in the middle of the busy cafeteria. There was a stunned silence as we all stared at ourselves from 15 years ago. I heard the 1995-me say, “Um…did a clone of me just, like, fall out of the ceiling? Radical!”

“Yeah,” 1995-Betty replied. “And look, the rest of us are there, too. But why are we all old and stuff?”

Ignoring that, I stood up, dusted myself off, and introduced everyone. I explained to Captain Wits and Captain Marbles exactly what had happened and, though they were confused, they agreed to help us. It’s going to be hard, but together we’re going to figure out how to defeat the Bad Hatter!