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My name is Dana and Science is my favorite subject. I'm also really big on protecting the environment. After all it's the only one we've got! I have a horse named Bubbles and a fish named Francis.

Favorite Quote:

If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart
- Buddha

Favorite Food:

Bean and cheese burritos


Volunteering, animals, nature, physics, biology, chemistry

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Erika About Me:

My name is Erika and Art is my favorite subject. I like painting, making sculptures and designing web pages like this one! I also love any kind of puzzle: jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word games, trivia, you name it! I have a Parrot named Franklin Delano.

Favorite Quote:

Every artist was at first an amateur
- Ralph W. Emerson

Favorite Food:

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches


Art, games, puzzles, trivia

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June 17, 2010

Strawberry Rhubarb Everything!

My strawberries and rhubarb are both ripe and ready for baking! Nothing reminds me of home more than fresh strawberry-rhubarb pie. My grandmother made them ever summer and shed always have a warm slice topped with vanilla ice cream for me whenever Id visit. Yum! The flavor is hard to describe - its the perfect balance of tart and sweet. My mouth is watering!

After I harvest it, Maybe Trey will help me bake a few. If Jax wants to help me pick it Ill give her a few jars of strawberry-rhubarb jam to sell. People would be crazy not to buy it! Ill tell you how we make out next month.

posted by Dana

June 3, 2010

Happy (late) Memorial Day!

I just wanted to take a little time this month to send a message to all the soldiers, both overseas and at home. THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate everything youve done for our country. Youve given so much to make this country safe, and it is because of men and women like you that I am able to enjoy all the wonderful things in my life. For all the soldiers abroad, I hope you come home soon safe and sound, and that you are welcomed and remembered as the heroes you are.

If anyone reading this wants to help our soldiers and veterans, please check out any of this list of great charities. Making a difference is not a one-way street. We can help them, too!

posted by Erika