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My name is Dana and Science is my favorite subject. I'm also really big on protecting the environment. After all it's the only one we've got! I have a horse named Bubbles and a fish named Francis.

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If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart
- Buddha

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Bean and cheese burritos


Volunteering, animals, nature, physics, biology, chemistry

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Erika About Me:

My name is Erika and Art is my favorite subject. I like painting, making sculptures and designing web pages like this one! I also love any kind of puzzle: jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word games, trivia, you name it! I have a Parrot named Franklin Delano.

Favorite Quote:

Every artist was at first an amateur
- Ralph W. Emerson

Favorite Food:

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches


Art, games, puzzles, trivia

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August 7 2009

Veggie Time!!!

Well, after getting rid of the load of tainted compost, things are getting back on track around here. With so few people staying around during the summer, we're getting a lot less compost than I thought we would. Oh well, when the summer's over we should be producing much more! I wonder if we'll make more than we can use? If so, Maybe we can set up a Web site to sell it or set up a booth at a local farmer's market. There's no sense in keeping all this good dirt to ourselves.

Trey and I went out into the garden yesterday to pick our first ripe vegetables! We've picked tomatoes, cucumbers, and even a few early beets. I can't wait to make something out of them.well, I can't wait till Trey makes something out of them.I'm not the best cook. I think it might be time to look up organic pesticides online. I pulled up a few grubs while I was weeding and, though I don't want to kill them, I definitely don't want them eating the roots off all my plants!

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