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My name is Alexi and I can speak three languages: French, Spanish and Chinese!  I also love music and when I'm bored I try to learn a new instrument. I play guitar, piano, tin whistle and didgeridoo already, I'm thinking of trying the ukulele next!

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He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever
- Chinese Proverb

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Music, chatting, puzzles


September 8 2008

Scavenger Hunt

I wanted to get this posted before I took off for summer vacation, but things just got crazy and then I was away at camp all summer with no computer, can you imagine? Actually, it was great being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and I really needed a break after last year's activities anyway.

The Web site Scavenger Hunt is finally up in the Fun Stuff section and I'm so pleased! A big thank you to Alan for helping with the decoder piece, and to everyone for contributing to the grand prize. I hope you like it!

posted by Alexi