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Academy Halloween Ball

October 30, 2008 - This Friday, afternoon classes are suspended so you can all attend the annual Halloween Ball in the Cafeteria. Everyone is encouraged to come in costume. There will be plenty of spooky treats and fun games and a costume contest with prizes for Most Frightening and Most Clever.

Betty will also be hosting a Safe Chatting contest like last year. The winner is exempt from helping clean up after the party, so everyone be on your best behavior!

Happy Halloween!

Special Feature: Election 2008

October 28, 2008 - With all the buzz at the Academy about next week's election, I'd like to highlight our Election feature in the Fun Stuff section. You'll find information about how to research the candidates and the issues to better equip yourself when choosing a candidate. I encourage you all to look through it. Even if you aren't old enough to vote yet, it will help prepare you to be a well-informed voter when you are old enough.

Thank you to everyone who helped put these materials together. Voting is a vital part of our government and an important way to get your voice heard. Faculty can feel free to leave campus at any time during the day to go vote, as long as it does not conflict with your class schedule. I will be going right after breakfast and anyone is welcome to join me.