I wanted to get this posted before I took off for Summer Vacation, but you know how these things go! Alan helped me build the decoder for the scavenger hunt, I hope it's not too challenging.

There are three parts to the scavenger hunt. For the first part, you have to follow the clues and search through everyone's blog posts from the last year (Fall 2007 to Spring 2008). When you find the right blog post, enter the title in the decoder to reveal the next clue. Entering all the blog posts unlocks a puzzle for you to solve that reveals the final question. Answer that correctly and you win the Grand Prize!

I suggest you keep some scrap paper and a pencil handy to take notes as you follow the clues. It can get confusing if you aren't keeping track. It's also a good idea to keep the decoder in its own browser window so you don't lose it while you're hunting through the blogs, and expect it to take some time. Good luck!

The first Scavenger Hunt Clue is:

Sports fanatic deals with his pride after injuries suffered
in the month of stuffing and gravy