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You can call me Sparky or Frankie. That's it. I used to be in the Detention Center for being a "Script Kiddie." But I don't do that anymore, it's a lot more interesting helping the Cyber Defenders!

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Eighty percent of success is showing up.
- Woody Allen

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Fish Sticks


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December 3, 2010

No More Monster Face!

So, yeah, that took WAAAAY longer than they said it would. The bolts finally fell off (with a little wiggling) and now Iím finally back to normal!

I was surprised the other cadets didnít tease me that muchÖI mean, I know if it had happened to someone else, I wouldnít have been able to keep myself from teasing them a little. Not mean teasing, of course. Iím not that mean anymore.

Anyway, my parents will be really excited that our Christmas pictures wonít be ruined by my neck bolts. For a while there I thought I would have to wear this terrible turtleneck sweater my grandmother picked out for me. Honestly, Iíd rather wear the bolts for another month than wear that horrible thing. I hate turtlenecks!

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