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What people are saying about The MySecureCyberspace Game:

  • "My principal came to visit my classroom today and wow. My students were focused on worksheets and missions. When I told him the subject matter he was glad I'm teaching it early in the year. Excellent program!!!"
    -Elementary school teacher
  • "I can never recommend the Carnegie Cyber Academy enough. It's a great site for teaching kids about Cyber-safety and it's free! I used it for several years before I retired and the kids never tired of it. They have games, a library of very useful articles and even teacher resources."
    -Elementary school teacher
  • "I love the site! It's creative, innovative and engaging. Thanks for the immense work that it takes to put something like this together."
    -Elementary school teacher
  • "Thank you for this engaging and highly educational game. Every year as my students spend ever increasing amounts of time online both at school and at home, I have struggled to find truly effective online safety and digital citizenship activities. After each session playing Carnegie Cadets, my students are able to tell me detailed information about what they need to do online to stay safe. I know they are learning and they are begging to play the game from home!"
    -Intermediate School Technology Coordinator
  • "My school is 4th and 5th grade and we just finished a two month unit on Internet Safety. I was having difficulty finding a game that was interesting, covered the issues I felt were important, and was at their age level. After downloading and installing this game, I fell in love with it...Thank you for the wonderfully put together game. I love how it even aligns to the standards!"
    -Elementary school teacher
  • "I do not exaggerate, when I told [my students] we were doing the academy again this year, they literally cheered. They can't wait for the new missions...and neither can I! Again, thank you."
    -Elementary school teacher
  • "My third grade students have been playing for two weeks and most have received all of the badges...The kids LOVE this game and are hilarious when comparing rooms!"
    -Elementary school teacher
  • "I am using CCA at both of my schools in 4, 5, and 6th grade. The students are really enjoying it. They seem to be learning as well. There are some days I can not get them to quit and save when our 40 minutes are done...They really have to think and at times are stumped. I think it is great. They are learning to make snap decisions in the chat rooms and the games shows them that sometimes they make the wrong decision. But the nice thing is, the game is a safe environment for them to make the mistakes."
    -Elementary school teacher
  • "My 10-year old son loves the the MySecureCyberspace Game! He played it all evening and got up early [the next] morning to continue playing. He says it's one of the best games he's played. That's saying a lot!"
  • "The kids really like the appearance. I think it's very sleek."
    -Elementary school computer teacher ("Games teach cybersafety," January 2007)
  • "It's fun and it teaches you a lot of stuff."
    -A fifth grader ("Online game developed to teach kids cyber safety," January 2007)
  • "We're learning about what emails to not open."
    -A fifth grader ("Online game developed to teach kids cyber safety," January 2007)
  • "It can teach you not to click on pop-ups and things."
    -A fifth grader ("Online game developed to teach kids cyber safety," January 2007)