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My name is Dana and Science is my favorite subject. I'm also really big on protecting the environment. After all it's the only one we've got! I have a horse named Bubbles and a fish named Francis.

Favorite Quote:

If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart
- Buddha

Favorite Food:

Bean and cheese burritos


Volunteering, animals, nature, physics, biology, chemistry

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Erika About Me:

My name is Erika and Art is my favorite subject. I like painting, making sculptures and designing web pages like this one! I also love any kind of puzzle: jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word games, trivia, you name it! I have a Parrot named Franklin Delano.

Favorite Quote:

Every artist was at first an amateur
- Ralph W. Emerson

Favorite Food:

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches


Art, games, puzzles, trivia

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August 30, 2010

We Got Him!

Alan, you’re a genius! Thanks to his plan, we totally caught the Bad Hatter! And it was so simple! Here’s how we did it. We all waited around in Mr. Wits living room, talking about how we had a great plan to catch the Bad Hatter. This was just a trick to get him to show up, since we knew he couldn’t resist listening in on our conversation. We talked about how smart we all were and how dumb the Bad Hatter was. Mr. Wits even said we should celebrate by playing a cool new video game on his computer! We played for a bit, and I got the highest score by far. Alan said, “Wow, Erika, you’re awesome at this game! I bet you could even beat the Bad Hatter if he were a boss in this game!”

Suddenly, the room went black and that familiar evil laughter started again. “Have you learned nothing?” the voice said. “I, the Bad Hatter, can do anything I want! Nothing can stop me!”

I stood up and shouted back “Oh yeah? If you’re so tough, why don’t you go in the game and prove it? I KNOW I can beat you!”

The Bad Hatter gritted his teeth and hissed, “You’ll regret those words.” In a bright purple flash, he disappeared into the machine. Then Dana pulled the plug.

We did it! We trapped the Bad Hatter in some game he can never escape! Now we just have to figure out how we’ll get back home.

posted by Erika

August 12, 2010

Mr. Wits

We found Mr. Wits today. That’s right, Mr. Wits. He’s not a captain or commander yet, so he insists we don’t call him by those titles. Anyway, we explained everything to him and he looked totally shocked. I guess I would be shocked too if a group of oddly dressed people claimed to have traveled back in time to nine years in the future only to be tricked by a living computer program and sent back further into the past.

Mr. Wits asked us a bunch of questions about the future, but Scout wouldn’t let us answer any of them. He kept pacing back and forth, mumbling something about time paradoxes. The good news is that he is willing to help in any way he can, despite how crazy we must sound. I know we’re in a bad position right now, but I can’t help but smile. For the first time in over a week I’ve got a warm place to sleep and a nice hot shower waiting for me!

posted by Dana